The First

Cambodian Handicraft

Incubation Center

Our Mission

“ We act with audacity and authenticity to give Cambodian handicrafts a new dimension”

To create the first Cambodian handicraft center that incubates local artisans, mixing traditional knowledge with contemporary design to showcase Cambodian’ talents to local and international visitors and to transmit these know-how over time while having a sustainable social, economic, and environmental impact.


A team of individuals who
share a passion for seeing
the handmade sector in
Cambodia get its due.


We stand to become a model
of social, economic & environment best practices. We are
committed to target excellence.


We put design in the center of our what we do to create unique
products that are imbued with an
essence and a story.


The desire to empower artisans by placing them in the center of the scene; so that they transmit and acquire new knowledge beyond technical ones.


To inspire action that will benefit the craft communities . Providing access to knowledge, resources, and networks that empower and impact entrepreneurs.

An educational
and cultural mission.
Highlight Cambodian culture and artisans’ talents beyond national borders. Inspire and encourage the young generation to perpetuate this ancestral know-how. We hope to stimulate their desire to work in this field and allow this know-how to continue over time.

A unique and innovative
artistic approach.

Combine contemporary designs with traditional know-how to create unique, desirable high-end products with high value-added. Reinforce collaborations
will help to foster Cambodian artisans’ creativity. We believe in making captivated design as a catalyst for powerful, purposeful changes.

A social and economic impact.
Create a tangible impact toward artisans and local communities and provide them with regular revenues and social advantages. Develop artisan’s core skills and allow incubated artisans to become autonomous and financially independent offering them “customized services” accordingly to their own abilities, needs and ambitions.

Satcha’s incubated artisans

The best of Cambodian talents

Satcha bamboo

About Satcha Handicraft Center

A unique place open for free visit.

Our 6 workshops built exclusively with Cambodian bamboo from Kampong Cham from traditional know-how with contemporary design inspired by Khmer ornaments host 50+ artisans and 15 different know-hows.:

Carving, stone, wood, bamboo, leather.

Weaving, rattan, seagrass, water hyacinth, silk, cotton.

Painting and lacquer.


Silver plating.

About Us

Discover Our Team

A dedicated and knowledgeable team to welcome and guide you.

7 days per week, from 8 am to 7 pm, our guest relation team welcomes you at Satcha’s Center.

Welcome desk for orientation

Guide available all along the visit

Sellers in our showroom

Coffee shop for a relax moment

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